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Who share the common vision to collectively support youth.

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Sport, Development and Peace for a better World  

Our Mission

To use sport as a catalyst to design and implement programs for at‐risk youth and to facilitate the achievements of the SDGs through an integrated approach. So the citizens of our member-states can live better lives.

Sports is a proven platform for positive social impact in civil society and the Alliance works to maximize that impact through an integrated economic and human development approach.


By focusing on health, education, nutrition and overall wellness, the Alliance promotes the values of Sport, Development and Peace for a better world.

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Education and Sport influence health and well being 



They constitute economic assets, through the creation of jobs and contribute to local and global development for the benefit of global society, yet States and Governments struggle to finance the education and sport public policies that benefit their populations. 

The Innovation Alliance Initiative 

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Education, Sports, and Health Programs (ESHP)


We collaborate with psychologists, educators and trainers from around the world to design extracurricular curriculums that stimulate both body and mind with aim to foster the development of self-motivation, discipline, confidence, perseverance and self-control.

Education, Sports & Health Labs (ESHL) 

Strategic Development Plans

We design with the Ministers of Youth, Education and Sports of our member-states 20 year Strategic Development Plans to build education, research, training, health or sport centres and facilities within our framework and adapted to the needs and requirements of each member-state.


 World Center of Excellence (WCE) and 
National Centers of Excellence (NCE)

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Delivery of Education and Sports Programs

We assure the coordination, evaluations, quality assurance and the delivery of curriculum documentations and training materials in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish from the World Center of Excellence (WCE) and then organize, coordinate and oversee the work of national experts to deliver our Education, Sports and Healths Programs (ESHP's) through National Centers of Excellence (NCE's) that we build in the territory of our member-states. 

Operating Principles

Economic Model

We identify with our member-states productive private enterprises (SDG Ventures) members of the Nektar International Business Consortium, establish with them partnerships in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), secure financing through the Agency when necessary and use a portion of the revenues generated by SDG Ventures to finance our Initiatives at the national and international level.


We also organize events to raise donations and issue naming rights on facilities, infrastructures, programs, and events.

Learn more about Nektar, the operator of the
International Business Consortium


Learn more about how the Agency operates, its vision and participating stakeholders.

Business Presentation

Naming Right Opportunity

Within each of our 34 member-states, the holder of the Naming Rights will have exclusive rights to name our multi-purpose facilities, programs, events, means of transport, merchandising, and much more. In perpetuity.

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Business Standards  

International Business Consortium  

We appointed Nektar, a private firm to organize our fundraising initiatives and to establish and operate an international business consortium. Nektar applies the business standards, practices and protocols of the Innovation Alliance and is responsible to identify and manage relationships with the private sector.

Learn more about Nektar 

Code of Conduct 

Our Code of Conduct explains how we underscore our collective responsibility in upholding the highest standards of conduct at all times.

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Integration Board 

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The Alliance Integration Board will be composed of Ministers of Education, Health and Sports as well as private sector representatives in psychology, education and sports. Representatives will advise the Integration Board on frameworks and will guide to define and evaluate impacts of programs. The Integration Board will aim to establish amongst participating member-states a Multilateral Cooperation Agreement for the integration of Alliance Programs into their National Education Systems.

Apply to become a Representative of the Board  

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