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From cryptocurrencies to the metaverse, on and off the field, discover how we are using sports and technology to support the SDGs

Acta non Verba

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The citizens of our Member-States always come first. We serve them with the help of a global network of sustainable companies and stakeholders that support our mission through "Acta non verba”.

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World Sports Alliance Restructuring

On March 24th 2022, the World Sport Alliance IGO appointed the Agency for an exclusive mandate to restructure the WSA-IGO. This appointment followed the conviction of former President ASA SAINT CLAIR by the South East District of New York for fraud and provides the Agency with full power and authority to promote, represent, secure financing and otherwise restructure the WSA-IGO until the WSA General Assembly.

In addition to being responsible for the “financial engineering ” & funding of WSA and the management of WSA asset, the Agency is now the exclusive global integrator of WSA and is responsible for the integration of public-private-partnerships on all WSA Member-States.

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We support Member-States achieve SDG targets for the benefit of youth, using Science, Technology and Innovation as a conduct.


We use sport as a catalyst to design and implement programs for at‐risk youth, to facilitate the achievement of the SDGs through an integrated approach. So the citizens of our member-states can live better lives. 

Together, WSA and the Agency are providing their Member-States with the tools for rapid innovation and to compete in the new global economy while supporting SDG targets and securing an enduring legacy for their citizens.

Making things possible

Innovation Agency and WSA Leadership

At the Agency, we make things possible to protect the future of the citizens of our Member-States.