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Discover how stakeholders from around the world are partnering with the Agency to provide youth access to education and sports.
So the citizens of our member-states can live better lives. 

Abstract  //


An organization that derives the funds for its subsistence and socio-economic initiatives using revenues generated from donations, sponsoring, in kind contributions and revenues generated from financial and commercial projects established between the public and private sector to build innovation centers of excellence and education and sports labs on the territory of its Member-States would allow this organization to generate fundings and annual income streams to finance youth, education and sports programs and protect the future of citizens, at no cost to its Member-States. 

The integration and deployment of commercial and financial projects, as well as innovation centers of excellence and education and sports labs would be financed and managed by the private and non profit sector and would require minimum efforts for Member-States but the returns would be invested locally and felt immediately. The organization and its members would not only contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, but would serve as proof to the rest of the world that Corporate Social Responsibility can support global society. 


The model would engender loyalty and One of the world's largest launchpad of scientific and technology companies dedicated to social impact would emerge. National Centers of Excellence across the world would be built, impacting the lives of millions. Sovereign States, private firms, civil society and international organizations from around the world would support and join at will, recognizing that power in another does not diminish their own.

Understanding our Initiatives  //

We are mobilizing a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to support countries remain competitive with rapid technological changes while contributing to local and global development for the benefit of global society. We do so through partnerships we establish with individuals, businesses and Agency and WSA Member-States States to create economic models that enable us to pursue the mission and influence health and well being.

Over time, our vision is to build Innovation Centers of Excellences (ICE's) and Education and Sports Labs (ESL’s) on the territory of each of our Agency and WSA Member-States


Each ICE will be designed to facilitate education and collaboration and will provide thousands of square meter of sustainable co-working and private offices space, conference centres, training and education centres where we aim to house students and companies engaged in diverse areas such as blockchain, cybersecurity, AI as well as cutting-edge renewable energy and sustainability solutions. 

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Heading 1 

The Agency has established a clear framework and guidelines for its solicitation procedures, whether by invitation or request for proposal for acquiring sponsoring, donations, in-kind contributions and establishing use cases with private enterprises, using science, technology and innovation, especially enabling technologies.


  • Members can be natural persons, legal entities, governments, international organisations, non-governmental organizations and any member of civil society clearly identified, which acknowledge and support the Agency and WSA's purpose and mission.


  • Members can at anytime donate any and all types of assets, cash, cryptocurrencies and such donations will be used in furtherance to the mission. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Active business Members may sign the Agency’s Corporate Social Responsibility Agreement (CSR) making the Agency and or WSA a beneficiary party of a portion of their global revenues.

  • Business Members are in turn granted the status of Responsible Partners and may become lead business partners on joint-ventures and public private partnerships established with Member-States.

Naming Rights

  • Business Members may acquire Naming Rights on each ICEs, ESLs or socio-economic facilities that will be built on each of our Member-States. Naming rights may be for 10 years or more. Funds are used to acquire properties, upgrade and maintain infrastructures.

Joint Ventures & Public-Private-Partnerships

  • Responsible Partners are invited to facilitate the Agency for the creation of joint ventures or public-private-partnerships ( Projects ) on the territory of our Member-States or assist the Agency in deploying Projects in some other way.

  • Projects are deployed in the territory of Member-States, they are extended to existing and future Member-States and may also be deployed in non Member-States. 

  • When established, each Project allocates, depending on the circumstances, between 20 to 45 percent of its net proceeds or gross income to finance the mission locally or internationally, as the case may be.

The objective is to actively engage universities, industry leaders, financial institutions and governments to enhance this educational, entrepreneurial and innovative environment.

The Socio-Economic Initiative and the reason of our Existence !

Sports Stadium

Education & Sports Labs

Education and Sports influence health and well being. They constitute economic assets, through the creation of jobs and contribute to local and global development for the benefit of global society.


In the context of globalization and the great monetary inflation, States and Governments can barely finance the education and sport public policies that benefit their populations.


The private sector and NGOs cannot, alone, satisfy youth’s demand and needs and the more their needs increase, the more the public offering tends to drop and this in all regions of the world.

The Agency conforms to best practices and is concluding partnerships with various NGOs and international organization who will be responsible to use donations, in-kind contributions and Agency revenues to plan, design, construct and maintain education and sport premises (ESL’s) dedicated to youth on the territory of each member-state.

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