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Dr. David Coffi AKOUETE, Advisor to the Chairman of the Restructuring Board for francophone States

Dr David Coffi AKOUETE.jpg

Dr. David Coffi AKOUETE is the Advisor to the Francophonie of the Alliance. He assists the Chairman of the Alliance in relations with all French speaking Member States and candidates to membership. He is responsible for maintaining relations between the executives of the Alliance, the CONFEJES and other Francophone International Organization. Specifically, he maintains relationships with CONFEJES since the signature of the Alliance/CONFEJES agreement in February 2008. 

Dr. AKOUETE is a doctor in sports management and marketing. He is a sports expert with the CONFEJES and the African Union. Dr. AKOUETE was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Sports of Benin and is now Technical Advisor for Sports. Qualified as a lecturer, he is a teacher-researcher with international expertise since working with the Brussels European Sport Management centre. He has published twenty scientific articles and regularly participates in scientific conferences.

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