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The most anticipated 
Seminar in the Caribbean.

The St Maarten Alliance Seminar (SXM Alliance Seminar), organised by the Alliance and the Agency is a must attend event for Ministers of the Caribbean's. But it extends to Latina America Ministers and their delegations as well.

SXM Alliance Seminar 

The SXM Alliance Seminar is the first Seminar organized by the sister organizations and, is an open invitation to Ministers of Education, Sports and Finance of existing and future Member-States of the Alliance and, the Agency to discuss the future of the organizations in the Caribbean and, in Latin America.

Taking place in St Maarten (SXM), the culinary, sailing and shopping capital and, the future tech hub of the Caribbean, the agenda will explore future trends in technology, cryptocurrency adoption and, the impact of business philanthropic activities on the future of youth in the Caribbean, as well as the Nektar Challenge rules, its underpinning initiatives — and so much more.


Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with the leadership of the Alliance and the Agency as well as business leaders as we discuss the emerging landscape and the latest perspectives of crypto adoption and trade in the Caribbean.

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