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Our mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people to change the world.

That mission begins with the organization of the first General Assembly of the Alliance and the African Sport Summit. 

Learn more about the AGA1 and the African Sport Summit below.

MARCH 7,8,9, 2024, ACCRA, GHANA
Mr Mustapha Ussif Minister of Youth and Sports of the .jpg

Hon. Mustapha Ussif
President of the General Assembly and African Sport Summit

The AGA1 and African Sport Summit will be presided by Hon Mr Mustapha Ussif, Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Ghana.

First General Assembly of the Alliance ( AGA1) 

March 8, 2024, Accra Ghana  


The first General Assembly of the Alliance will be a major event. It will be the first Conference of Ministers. Ministers will ratify the new Charter, decide on the guidelines for the next six years, select their Host Country and the location of the WCE and the Headquartersappoint the Secretary General and decide on relations with the United Nations and other international organizations.


Open Invitation 
The AGA1 is being organized as an introduction to the 13th African Games and the African Sport Summit – the « Accra Legacy »  Over 70 Ministers of Youth and Sports of the Alliance, the African Union, Latin America and the Middle-East are invited to participate to the open format of the AGA1. 

Under the chairmanship of Hon. Mustapha Ussif, Minister of Youth and Sports of Ghana, Ministers will decide on the future of the Alliance which finances infrastructure projects and programs of its Member States.

Download information of the AGA1 in English 

Télécharger les informations sur l'AGA1 en Français


African Sport Summit

March 7-9, 2024, Accra Ghana  


For the public and private sector, the Innovation Alliance and Nektar will host the African Sport Summit. An open event designed to encourage dialogue on which ideas, thoughts and questions can be expressed and tackled in an open environment.


Participants will question the legacy of the past, present and future African Games and more generally sports mega-events. They will deepen the issue of sustainability in sport through infrastructure, education, training and youth employment which places national sports policies at the center of the debate. Questions of the contribution of the private sector and the redistribution of wealth will inevitably arise.

This year, the theme of the African Sport Summit will be: the "Accra Legacy” 

The Accra Legacy is the design of a legacy in the form of an action plan which will be the subject of evaluations over the course of other African Sport Summits. To achieve this objective, Ministers of Youth and Sports of the Alliance and the African Union are invited to participate, focus on realistic solutions for fairer, more inclusive and sustainable sport. 


Through this event, stakeholders will aim to build a community of thought and action to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between the Alliance and their Member-States, between Ministers and investors and between champions, experts and young people.

Visit the Nektar Website for more information

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