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Connecting Dots

for tomorrow  

At no cost to our members

For the benefit of youth 

How it works


We believe that over time, there will be a role for bitcoin to contribute to a more stable international monetary system. 


While innovation, regulations and promotion of the private sector may be effective on the short run and can support long-term growth, they also entail challenges and risks, including those associated with financial stability and the safety of the global payment and financial system.

It is why international cooperation is essential. Sovereign-States, International Organizations and experts in the fields of technology must work together towards harmonization of protocols and account for social, political, and organizational factors. 


We are transitioning from a specialized agency to an "Autonomous" International Financial Institution dedicated to "bitcoinization" and "stabilisation".

Through this permanent self-sustaining and self-financed institution, we will gradually offer innovative and complementary services not offered by other international organizations.


We will promote cooperation between members and provide a mechanism for collaboration on international bitcoin policies while promoting public and private investments and social developments.

Financial Hubs

We create Innovation Centers of Excellence (ICE) in the territory of our members 

Financial District

The Agency will establish Innovation Centers of Excellence (ICE) in the territory of its original members with for vision to extend to all territories of the Alliance.

Through these financial hubs, we will enable members become attractive destinations for foreign and domestic capital investment and, help them close the innovation gap. ​




→ Private companies install their operations;

→ Start-ups build use cases and projects with Governments; 

→ Investors look for opportunities;

→ Financial institutions seek collaboration and adoption;

→ Businesses learn about innovative solutions;

→ Overseas governments launch bilateral partnerships.

Sports Academies 

We exist to support the Alliance Initiative

Basketball Match

Our resources, facilities and revenues are used exclusively for the benefit of the Alliance and their Member-States, regardless of their membership statutes with the Agency.

Our net revenues are used by the Alliance to build sports Academies and offer scholarships to young athletes with a promising future.


Via the Alliance Initiative, our members move towards achieving the 2030 SDG targets.

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