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Discover how stakeholders from around the world are partnering with the Agency to provide youth access to education and sports.
So the citizens of our member-states can live better lives. 

Understanding our Initiatives  //

We are mobilizing a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to support countries remain competitive with rapid technological changes while contributing to local and global development for the benefit of global society. We do so through partnerships we establish with individuals, businesses and Agency and Alliance Member-States to create economic models that enables us to pursue our mission and influence health and well being.

Over time, our vision is to build Innovation Centers of Excellences (ICE's) and Education and Sports Labs (ESL’s) on the territory of each Agency and Alliance Member-States.


Each ICE and ESL will be designed to facilitate education and collaboration and will provide thousands of square meter of sustainable co-working and private offices space, conference centres, training and education centres where we aim to house students and companies engaged in diverse areas such as blockchain, cybersecurity, AI as well as cutting-edge renewable energy and sustainability solutions. 

The objective is to actively engage universities, industry leaders, financial institutions and governments to enhance this educational, entrepreneurial and innovative environment.

The Socio-Economic Initiative and the reason of our Existence !

Sports Stadium

Education & Sports Labs

Education and Sports influence health and well being. They constitute economic assets, through the creation of jobs and contribute to local and global development for the benefit of global society.


In the context of globalization and the great monetary inflation, States and Governments can barely finance the education and sport public policies that benefit their populations.


The private sector and NGOs cannot, alone, satisfy youth’s demand and needs and the more their needs increase, the more the public offering tends to drop and this in all regions of the world.

The Agency conforms to best practices and is concluding partnerships with various NGOs and international organization who will be responsible to use donations, in-kind contributions and Agency revenues to plan, design, construct and maintain education and sport premises (ESL’s) dedicated to youth on the territory of each member-state.