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Dr. N’Zebela Togba PIVI, Director of the National Center of Excellence of Guinea

Dr. N’Zebela Togba PIVI.jpg

It is with great enthusiasm that the Alliance has appointed Dr. N’Zebela Togba PIVI as the Director National Center of Excellence of Guinea to implement the national Strategic Development Plan of Guinea and to co-manage the NCE and each ESLs with the Ministry of Sports.

Dr. PIVI has been a firm supporter of the Alliance Initiative in his country and the Focal Point for the Alliance in Guinea since September 2007. He accompanied the Alliance in its bilateral relations and prepared four missions that lead to the adhesion of Guinea, the signature of a Country Convention and a Host Site Agreement with the Alliance.

Dr. PIVI is currently National Director of Sports and Physical Activities at the Ministry of Sports. He obtained his doctorates in pedagogical sciences and philosophy at the Higher Institute of Sciences of Education and Sports of Cuba. He is the author of several research papers and publications. For ten years he was the Director General of the National Institute of Youth, Physical Education and Sports.

Dr. PIVI has participated and organized many youth and sports events. His collaboration with Cuba allowed him to develop skills in the Olympics, the organization and the national administration of sports. He took part in the work of the CONFEJES advisory committee, which lead to the beginning of the collaboration with the Alliance. He has led numerous courses, workshops, seminars and conferences including the training of sports administrators, the sports market, the challenges of African sports, the preparation of athletes, doping, etc.

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