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Applications for the New Agency are now open 

We are looking for experts with a passion for excellence who believe in our mission

How it works

Hiring Program

The Agency Bridge Program will provide you with the training necessary to develop technical, investment and policy skills, deepen your understanding of international laws, and integrate into the culture of the Agency.

Working in the Office

The Agency Bridge Program is an opportunity for a diverse set of experienced professionals to transition their prior work experience to a career with an international financial institution. Successful candidates will join a team of world-class technologist, bankers and asset managers as they begin their career supporting our members with complex and consequential project implementations and transactions.


Candidacies are open to any individual older than eighteen (18) years old without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion, nationality or place of residence. An understanding of bitcoin as a currency, a technology and an investment will be advantageous.  


Download the latest list of job opportunities, select the role of interest and send us your resume for consideration.

Current Job Opportunities Coming Soon


Application Checklist

Please check that you have the check list information before sending your resume 

Download the Application Checklist   →


The Agency provides world-class salaries and benefit packages designed to help our staff be productive, happy, and healthy. Our packages are extensive and adjusted to reflect appointment types and personal circumstances.


Labour Laws & Taxes

Employees are governed exclusively by the Innovation Alliance employment rules, policies and procedures and are not subject to the labour laws of the country where they work from. Employees that are not nationals or permanent residents of the country where they work are exempt from contribution and tax payment obligations. 



Are benchmarked against several traditional International Organizations from around the world to ensure they are competitive and grow as our staff progress in their career.


Medical Benefit Plans 

Provide flexible and comprehensive global coverage for staff and their family.



Include up to 30 annual leave days per year and sick leave. Staff members are also eligible for parental leave and flexible work arrangements including working from home (teleworking), flexible start dates, and compressed work schedules.



Include a generous final salary, defined contribution pension plan, and voluntary retirement savings plans for all staff members. This is based on the term of appointment. Retirement becomes effective at age 55. 


Support for Families

Provided to support network for staff partners–offering advice on living and working in the area, career services, personal development, language courses, school counsellors to help children settle into a new school, and onsite childcare family centre.


Expatriate Benefits

Staff that are not from the HQ location are eligible for relocation packages including a housing allowance based on a percentage of their salary, reimbursement of required household expenses (i.e. gas, electricity, water), child’s education expenses, regular visits home, and a dependent based cost of living allowance (COLA).

  • What is the Alliance ?
    The World Sports Alliance (the Alliance) is an Intergovernmental Organization composed of 34 Member- States which are home to 750 million citizens. It was constituted on May 29, 2007 when in Rabat, the Kingdom of Morocco, the Republic of Niger and the Dominican Republic adopted the Rabat Declaration (E/2007/NGO/1) referred to as the Alliance constitutive Act. The Alliance supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and targets (SDGs) and draws its mandate from the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 58/5: “SPORTS AS A MEAN TO PROMOTE EDUCATION, HEALTH DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE” One of the highest priorities of the Alliance since its constitution was to be a self-funded and self- sustaining organization that does not solicit contributions from its Member States. It therefore adopted the United Nations sustainable development policy which affirmed that Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are essential to ensure a better world for children (Kofi Annan, May 9, 2002). The Alliance was the first IGO to create an economic model that actually addresses the concerns of public funds, a novel approach to financing gaps in education, sports and health budgets.
  • What is the Alliance Initiative ?
    The Alliance Initiative consists of implementing education, sports & health projects and programs in the territory of each Member State, at no cost for the Member State. Its purpose is to build and maintain one (1) National Center of Excellence (NCE) and multiple Education, Sport & Health Laboratories (ESHLs) in the territory of each of our Member States. It then disseminates Education, Sport & Health Programs (ESHPs) designed by the World Center of Excellence (WCE) to each NCE and ESHL who are co-managed between Alliance National Directors and Ministers of Sports. To achieve its purpose, the Alliance develops Strategic Development Plans adapted to the needs and requirements of each Member State, secure partnerships with the public sector and with private members of the Nektar International Business Consortium (IBC) and then use the proceeds of these partnerships to finance our youth and education, sports and health policies.
  • What are National Centers of Excellence ?
    National Centers of Excellence (NCEs) are the principle premise of the Alliance in a country. Each NCE is led by a National Director appointed by the Alliance who is responsible for the development of national strategies and for relaying with the WCE on the delivery of Education, Sport & Health Programs (ESHPs) documentation for institutions, trainers and officials. The Alliance establishes an oversight Committee that meet annually at each NCE. The National Director manages the relationship between the Ministries of Youth, Education, Sports & Health, oversee the Alliance Strategic Development Plan and evaluates and reports achievements of positive contribution towards the SDGs.
  • What are Education, Sports and Health Labs
    The Alliance builds Education, Sports & Health labs (ESHLs) to strengthen the infrastructures for young people and to increase the opportunities for broadcasting its programs. ESHLs who may be research, training or sport institutions or sport or health centers will be built in cities and villages according to national Strategic Development Plans. Each ESHL will be under the auspices of the NCE and its form will be based on social, political, and organizational factors as well as positive contribution towards the SDGs.
  • Video Interviews 
    If your application is selected, you will be asked to participate in a video interview which will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. This allows us to interview candidates from around the world. Interviews are done in English, French or Spanish.
  • In-Person Interviews
    If selected following the video interviews, you will be invited to in-person interviews with the Human Resource department. In person interviews are being organized in London, Paris and Zurich as of April 2024.
  • When will contracts start
    Some positions have starting dates in April 2024 while others for August 2024.
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