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World Sports Alliance IGO

The World Sports Alliance IGO (the “Alliance”), is an Intergovernmental Organization organized under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969. It was constituted on the 29th day of May 2007 when its 3 founding Member-States, Morocco, Niger and the Dominican Republic executed the Rabat Declaration. The Alliance is a legal entity formed and existing pursuant to international law and it possesses legal personality.

Read the Rabat Declaration, the Alliance Constitutive Act submitted by the Fondation Mohammed V.


Organization Structure 

How is the Alliance Organized ?
The Alliance is a self-funded and self-sustaining Intergovernmental Organization that does not solicit contributions from its member-states through quotas or fees like traditional International Organizations, but instead establishes with the private sector financial and commercial projects (SDG Ventures) and partnerships in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), organizes events to raise donations, issues naming rights on facilities, infrastructures, programs, and events and invests its assets within the territory of a member-state based on a 20-Year Strategic Development Plan prepared with the Ministers of Youth, Sports and or Educations. 


Learn more about the Alliance, its initiative and its operating principles.

The Alliance is owned by its member nations, which have the ultimate decision-making power within the organization on all matters, including policy, financial or membership issues. Member-states govern the Alliance through the General Assembly which makes all major decisions for the organization.

Meet the Member-States 


Alliance Membership is open to all. Per its voluntary membership process any Country and State or Province that agrees to unconditionally support the Global Alliance Initiative in support of the SDGs and that is not in conflict or subject to suspension by the U.N or under International Sanction may become a member of the Alliance. The obligations of member-states consist of complying with the Alliance Charter, regulations and decisions, supplying the necessary data required for the proper implementation of the Alliance Initiative within their territory, entering into a Master Framework Country Convention, a Host site Agreement and supporting at least one (1) SDG Venture in order to finance the Alliance Initiative in their territory.

Contact us to learn more about how to become a Member-State 

General Assembly  

Member-states guide the Alliance Initiative and activities through the General Assembly. Each member-state appoints one representative with powers vested in the General Assembly. Voting power on issues brought before them is based on their status with the organization, with each Fully-Fledged member-state having one (1) seat and one (1) voting right. The General Assembly then delegates most powers to the Executive Office of the President.


The first General Assembly of the Alliance will be held during the IIC on the 28-29th day of November 2023 in Dubai.  Learn more about the 2023 IIC 


The President of the Alliance is the Executive Authority of the Alliance. He is responsible for the implementation of the measures adopted by the General Assembly and has the role, function, power and authority to oversee and run the Alliance. The first President of the Alliance was Mr. Alain Lemieux, the founder of the Alliance. Since then 2 Presidents were appointed then subsequently terminated. 

The next President will be appointed by the General Assembly.

Secretary General 

The first Secretary General of the Alliance, Dr. Gilles Klein, has been appointed, by the Founding President as the founder of the Alliance General Secretariat. Prof. Dr Zahid Haque is the current Secretary General and will hold office until the next General Assembly. The first elected Secretary General, following Prof. Dr Zahid Haque will be appointed by the President of the Alliance following the first General Assembly. 

Executive Office of the President (EOP) 

The Executive Office of the President (EOP) of the Alliance consists of the immediate staff of the President, as well as multiple levels of support staff reporting to the President. The EOP includes personnel who directly support or advise the President in the achievement of his role, function and duties.

 The structure and responsibility of the EOP has been suspended until the end of the Restructuring Mandate and the restructuring of the Alliance is lead by Dr Giles Klein, Founding Secretary General of the Alliance.


Meet the team responsible to lead the Alliance until the next General Assembly.

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