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Abstract Futuristic Background

We create markets and opportunities

How it works

What we do

We promote cooperation and scientific engagement between the public and private sector.

We work with global experts to generate ideas and analyses to address the most urgent challenges in technology and innovation, which we effectively leverage to support our members.

We help establish the necessary conditions that will attract capital and sustainable investments through the development of strategies, policies and road-maps. We then mobilize experts to implement and capital to invest.

How we work
with the Alliance

We share facilities, personnel and services and work together with the Alliance and their appointed persons on technical and financial projects and initiatives to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency. 

We organize events, raise funds, and manage assets, special purpose funds and pension funds on behalf of the Alliance.

We also act a trustee and bank of special purpose and provide custodial services when so requested. 


The internal documents of the Alliance and the Agency as well as the IBC Protocols promote consistency and transparency across our activities, sets positions on governance issues and raises the bar for all participating stakeholders.

We follow frameworks of international agreed standards and use them, together with internal documents of the Agency and the Alliance to set our own priorities as a specialized agency on the basis of our mandate and, to guide and formulate expectations for the public. 


Copies of all reports, statements and publications made by the Agency are distributed to the Alliance and their members. In the near future, all our financial transactions will be reported and auditable in real-time on a secure and private blockchain 

How we work
with our members

We support the Strategic Development Plans of our members, prioritising economic sectors recommended in Country Strategies.

We advise, design and execute financing solutions and, act as a trusted partner for our members, taking a long-term sustainable and independent view on the challenges they face.


We prioritize the development of sustainable, resilient infrastructures and share best practices, thus providing members with the opportunity to adapt to rapid technology changes and, to compete in the new global economy. 


We work on implementing projects that are tailored to local needs. We solve technical and financial challenges and, achieve national goals by mobilizing capital and expert operators.


When implemented, a portion of the revenues or income of our projects and investment activities are dedicated to establishing business centers and supporting the Alliance Initiative

The result: We help countries remain competitive and shorten the duration and lessen the degree of imbalance in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets.

We promote cooperation between members through a permanent self-sustaining and self-financed institution
Our Purpose

The Agency makes investments in projects that further economic development.

Nektar IBC

We work exclusively with members of the Nektar IBC. We support their accelerators and entrepreneurs and assist them in the acquisition of licenses and permits to operate in the territory of our members.


We invest in high-impact proven tech solutions through our fund and promote the adoption of digital transformation.


We focus on companies with responsibilities in Financial Technology, Decentralized Finance, Sustainability and Security.

Our Focus Area

Bitcoin and Financial Technology



Floating Solar Panels
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