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Safeguarding & Building For Future Generations

International Innovation Agency

International Innovation Agency

The International Innovation Agency (Agency) is a specialised agency of the World Sports Alliance (Alliance) and a member of the Innovation Alliance. 

Our mandate is to support the Alliance pursue its socio-economic initiatives and to further economic development by encouraging the growth of productive private enterprises and the adoption of bitcoin in our member countries. 

Our History

Since its foundation, the Agency has focused on supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using science, technology and innovation as a conduit. 

The Agency was formed in July 2020 in Zug, Switzerland as a “not-for-profit” (Verein) multi-stakeholder initiative drawing its mandate from the General Assembly Resolution 73/17. A/RES/73/17.

Appointed by the Alliance in March 2022, the Agency initially helped the Alliance restructure, secure financing and, organize its General Assembly. 

The Innovation Alliance was formed on July 2022 when the Agency became the specialised agency and financial integrator of the Alliance responsible to manage its assets and, to develop and implement commercial and financial projects to support initiatives in the territory of its Member-States. This major step gave the Agency greater autonomy and better defined strategic responsibilities. 


The Agency is currently transitioning to an "autonomous" International Financial Institution* (IFI) statutes reserved to members of the Alliance, positioning the Innovation Alliance to become a key driver of sustainable economic growth and change for youth.

* The term international financial institution (IFI) refers to a financial institution that has been established (or chartered) by more than one country, IGO’s, or other IFI’s to promote public and private investment and to foster economic and social development in developing and transitioning countries. As an international organisation, an IFI is not subject to national banking and other regulations; it enjoys immunities and privileges determined by the Agreement establishing the IFI and corresponding agreements with its members. IFI’s traditionally provide long-term, low-interest loans, credits, and grants to finance projects run by governments or the private sector and provide technical and policy advice to governments, private enterprises and civil society. 

The Innovation Alliance

The Alliance and the Agency are sister organizations that make up the Innovation Alliance. 


Membership in the Agency is reserved to members of the Alliance who have either adopted bitcoin as legal tender, have regulated digital assets or have taken all steps necessary, without reservation to adopt bitcoin as legal tender or regulate digital assets. 

Members of the Alliance that do not meet membership conditions are permanent ex-officio observer members of the Agency. They receive reports, informations about initiatives and roadmaps and send representatives to attend meetings of the Board of Governors but do not vote at such meetings. 

Organization & Management

The Agency has a Board of Governors, an Executive Board, a Chairman of the Executive Board, a Managing Director and officers and staff responsible to advance the goals of the Agency.

The Agency operates under the leadership of Mr Malick Maachi, Founding Managing Director of the Agency who will conduct the operation of the Agency until the completion of the transition and public election of the first Managing Director.

Board of Governors 

The Board of Governors consists of one Governor (usually the Minister of Finance) appointed by each member who serves until a new appointment is made. The Board of Governors selects one of the Governors as Chairman of the Board of Governors and delegates to the Executive Board authority to exercise most of its powers.


Executive Board 

The Executive Board is comprised of twelve (12) Executive Directors who are not Governors. They are responsible to conduct the general operations of the Agency and, exercise all the powers given to them by the Board of Governors.  


Managing Director 

The first Managing Director of the Agency will not be a Governor or an Executive Director. He will be elected by the public according to a four (4) year term. The Managing Director, as the chief of the operating staff of the Agency is under the direction of the Executive Board and is responsible for the organization, appointment and dismissal of officers and staff of the Agency. 

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